This summer we teamed up with students from Leeds City College to celebrate the cool things young people do to get their highs. We captured these on video, with people sharing their passion for boxing, art, dance and cheer – choosing to get their highs in these ways instead of smoking weed.

The Highs of Leeds campaign is here to educate young people in Leeds about the long-term effects of cannabis and empower them to make informed choices.

Express 19 year old Hussein Sillah, aka Star Boy has been dancing for 6 years, performing both hip hop and afro. He loves dance as he says it’s a great way to meet new people and stay active.

Create Adeel Shah, 18 uses art as a form of self expression. He likes to paint the most, using oil and acrylic paints to create his pieces.

Motivate Chloe Naylor and Lucy Heald, 17 have been cheerleading for 8 years at Yorkshire Martyrs Cheerleading Squad. They love the adrenaline they get from competing in front of crowds and are proud of how far they’ve come over the years.

Discipline Yusuf Hussain, 17 has been boxing for 3 years. He explains how boxing makes him feel pumped and helps him to de-stress.